• Warning: Spoilers
    In the new movie "Fences" based on an August Wilson play with the same name, lead actor and director Denzel Washington explores places with the film unexplored in the play.

    The story takes place in 1957 and depicts the daily life of an African-American family consisting of Troy (Denzel Washington), Rose (Viola Davis), Cory (Jovan Adepo) living in the city of Pittsburgh, playwright August Wilson's hometown. The struggles of their everyday life where Troy maintains his job as a garbage man, seeking a promotion, and Rose is the matriarch who's constantly going up for bat for their 16-year-old son Cory who has a promising future as a profootball player. An opportunity Troy is partially cautious of and partially jealous of. He himself sought a career as a pro athlete.

    Troy's guilt of using his brother, Gabriel's (Mykelti Williamson) insurance money from an accident for being his caretaker to buy the house for his family along with growing up with an abusive father and coping with the lack of moving forward in his life results in drinking and abusive behavior towards his son.

    The majority of the cast reprise their roles in the film from the play which they had acted in on Broadway. Viola Davis who plays Rose, won a Tony for her portrayal.

    During the first Los Angeles screening of the movie, the full cast was present to answer questions from Variety editor who moderated the event.

    Seven years ago, producer Scott Rudin send Denzel Washington a screenplay. "Wilson wrote a masterpiece. One of the great plays of all time….it's the gift that keeps on giving," Washington described the "Fences" play.

    In the film "Fences", "we get to see how Rose feels when Troy leaves. That wasn't in the play" said Washington.

    Viola Davis said the two things that Washington said to the actors before filming were, "remember the one" and "trust me." Davis said "he's got a bullshit meter. A lot of actors don't know what to say to you to bring it out." She said of Washington that he's a great leader and you can trust him.

    The young actor, Jovan Adepo, who plays Washington's son, Cory said he cried when he learned he got the role in "Fences." He said "it's a role you wait for and it's a blessing."

    In the first act, Rose points out to Troy to finish the fence, a project that he has been working on with son Cory. A fence, it's noted to either keep the ones Rose loves in, or a fence to keep others out.

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