• "A Muppet Family Christmas" is just that sort of old-fashioned TV special that plays on all of the best aspects of Christmas. Simply out, it's a gathering of family, near and extended, in one place for the occasion. It's just that in this case it's the colliding worlds of the Muppets, Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock. The sight of these characters interacting is something in its own right, but the legal clearances required make it all the more remarkable. The stars really aligned for this.

    All of the songs in this special are standards - those well-worn tunes that FM radio play right into the ground on an annual basis. But here, they're performed with a refreshing heart and a new sheen. Big Bird and Swedish Chef share (honest to god), the greatest duet. And by the time this draws to a close with an appearance from the late Jim Henson, the pitch perfect sentiment is enough to leave you in tears. Or at the very least, shot up with warmth and fuzziness. I smiled so widely it hurt.

    I love this special.