• This entire movie is just too beautiful. It is funny, heart- touching, tear-jerking, heart-wrenching, sad, bittersweet, or whatever you call it, it practically has everything inside. You're The Apple of My Eye is, hands down, one of my favorite romance movies of all time.

    This relates a lot to the the life of adolescences, especially those in high school who are still confused about their own feelings. The story reflects a lot with real life, that's why the progress of the story is very easy to follow as we can relate a lot to the story. It portrays the beauty and innocence of love in teenage days, and I feel nostalgic while watching it. My heart just feels warm.

    Although some people might be uncomfortable with the a little scene of explicit nudism (in which I feel uncomfortable watching it, too) the essence of the story pretty much covers them up. 10/10.