• Warning: Spoilers
    For old time classic movie buffs, a film like this is a neat diversion. Where else can you catch so many celebrity faces of an era gone by? In this case it's a whole slew of actors, directors and production folks from the Thirties through the Fifties. The 'home movie' concept was the brainchild of Ken Murray, a would be actor who self deprecatingly calls himself 'a method actor with no method' while showing a quick scene he made with Greta Garbo.

    To get an idea of all the celebrities who appear here, one need only take a look at the extensive cast list offered on the IMDb title page for this picture. Sometimes you only get a quick glimpse of a famous star, but there are also longer segments like Dick Powell snagging a two hundred pound marlin and Cary Grant hosting a pool party at his Malibu beach house. Kirk Douglas is featured in a nifty segment from his very first TV appearance on, what else - 'The Ken Murray Show'.

    Personal favorites of mine appearing here included Bob Hope, Groucho and Harpo Marx, Cary Grant and in what has to be a rare film moment, Humphrey Bogart sharing a kiss with third wife Mayo Methot. Strangely enough, there's also a snippet featuring Dr. Albert Schweitzer in Africa, one of the handful of non-Hollywood folks who show up.

    Capping things off, there's a fairly long segment on famed newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst at his Xanadu-like estate, the Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California. His private zoo stocking all manner of wildlife from all over the planet was a highlight of the film, showcasing the largest private animal collection in the world. Hearst was also America's greatest art collector with a collection valued at over fifty million dollars. You get the idea that the man had a lot of money.

    So this is not the kind of picture one rates for story or cinematic quality; with the myriad of personalities and subjects gracing the fifty minute 'home movie', the value in seeing it lies in catching so many stars in one place at one time. I caught this on the Turner Classic Movie Channel recently, where I also ran across another Ken Murray feature titled "Hollywood My Home Town". If you get the chance, try to sample both.