• Lack of thorough credits is the main defect of "Deep Indulgence", which fortunately doesn't reflect its unfortunate title. Eight vignettes and plenty of extras hit the spot.

    With mostly narration and a bit of dialog here and there, some highlights include a somewhat static but striking focus on the male form in "Greek Statue", where Nico poses as same, remarkably styled and photographed as one of the unidentified actresses adores him and his erect cock.

    Best segment "Love 4 Sale" stars the couple featured on the DVD cover, Julian as a realtor, servicing busty Rebecca Love in a well-shot vignette that spotlights respectively their best features: his legendary dick and her amazing breasts. It's one of the best individual Playgirl scenes I've seen in a long time.

    "The Hairdresser" is a bit odd, as Mario Rossi in the title role is posited by the femme narrator as Gay but bi-curious, so the heroine does her best to convert him to boy/girl action.

    "Corporate Cock" is silly, as Tommy Gunn, slicked up in his desk job but retaining a stud's spiky hairdo, only wants to slave away, but his wife insists on showing up announced at work and humping him on his desk. Poor little Tommy!

    Ordinarily saved for a bonus segment, "Voodoo" has the star talking to us, doing a solo and then humping a girl, not the usual Playgirl romantic pantomime.

    Among the actual bonus content we get one of those "live" stage shows, in which a male stripper (Chris Michaels) does his Chippendales style routine. It's flashy and often included to suggest that yes, there is a female audience segment out there for Playgirl TV content.