• Warning: Spoilers
    1. Kurt Angle Vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. - Debut on WWE of Rey Jr. and clean victory for heel wrestler. Haha. 8.5/10

    2. Chris Jericho Vs. Ric Flair - Another surprising ending, Flair defeated Jericho in a clean way, though whole the match contained only really basic moves and billion of chops. 6/10

    3. Eddie Guerrero Vs. Edge - Eddie worked on Edge's shoulder all the time. Edge won by Spear. 7/10

    4. WWE Tag Team Championship: Booker T./Goldust Vs. Champs- The Unamericans(Christian/Storm) - End was full of action and the Unamericans retained! 8/10

    5. Intercontinental Championship: Champ-Chris Benoit Vs. RVD - I noticed that crowd was kinda weird and cold. They weren't even into that match. And its so Great names. RVD and Crippler! They've put tears and blood into that match. You can see there RVD without ponytail, that is really uncommon. And it ended in a clean way! New champ. I have to rate 9.5. If Benoit won then it would be 10. 9.5/10

    6. The Undertaker vs. Test - Taker easily won. 6.5/10

    7. Hardcore match: HBK Vs. HHH - Awesome bout with nice jump through table. Shawn won. 9/10

    8. Undisputed Championship: Champ-The Rock Vs. Brock Lesnar - Crow finally woke up and was against face. "Rocky Sucks" and Let's go, Lesnar!" you can hear very often through all the match, Lesnar won and it was great to see him as a new champion. I was satisfied. 10/10