• Warning: Spoilers
    "Mr. Happy" is a 24-minute short film from March 2015 and in slightly under two years, this one managed over 2 million views on Youtube. The director is Colin Tilley, mostly known for his music videos so far, and the writer is Steve McClean. The star is probably lead actor Chance the Rapper and I really hope that he is a better musician than actor because I found him very underwhelming. His female co-lead Marie Oldenbourg is slightly better, but this may also have to do with her stunning looks and not necessarily great range. This is a film about depression, suicide, art, happiness and many other aspects in here. And it is a prime example of a film that gets overrated and over-appreciated because of the memorable plot twist at the very end. Regardless of if you saw it coming, it does not make up for the 20 minutes of empty mediocrity before all that. Many may forget these in the light of what happens in the last 150 seconds, but I will not. Thumbs-down from me and neither the rating nor the popularity are justified here. Watch something else instead.