• After being blown away by Fleabag, the six-episode series written by and starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge, I promptly looked to see what else she had written and discovered this gem.

    In Crashing, a handful of people are living as property guardians, an English thing in which people get low rent in exchange for living in and watching after buildings (an anti-squatting measure).

    The series begins with the arrival of Lulu (Waller-Bridge), who has had a friendship/unfulfilled flirtation with one of the residents forever. He's engaged, and things get very messy.

    At the same time, a crazy, beautiful artist falls for a schlubby middle-aged guy and a man constantly after women finds his sexuality is a bit more complicated than he thinks.

    It's a series about young people (well, young to someone my age) who don't really know who they are and are determined to make as many mistakes as possible in finding out. The series is consistently funny and wacky and the actors are excellent. Even the most unrealistic elements (like the aforementioned artist/shlub relationship) offer more internal logic than these tropes usually get.

    While not as beautifully crafted as Fleabag, the series is once again the work of a first-rate comedic writer. I just wish Waller-Bridge would produce series that were more than 6 episodes long. I hope she also writes a movie at some point.