• I'm not from Portland, but I live there now. Portland is a beautiful place to live. Breathtaking scenery, an excellent public transit system, awesome restaurants, great beer and coffee, close proximity to mountains and the ocean. There's a lot to like about living here. Sure, it rains a lot, there are a lot of homeless people, and hipsters are pretentious douchebags, but most people are hard working, friendly and inclusive. Some people get annoyed by the "small town" locals and some people get annoyed by the "yuppies for California." I think most people are good people in this city. IFC plays on many of the Portland sensibilities in their satire sketch comedy show "Portlandia".

    I enjoyed the show when it first started, but my enjoyment has dipped since then. Maybe it's because when it started it was still a place for young people to retire. Now, not so much. It's a booming economy, a lot of new money pouring in, and things are changing, I think mostly for the better, but that's not how everyone sees it. Rent has increased, so has traffic, and some of the charm has disappeared. I guess you can look at it both ways, positively and negatively. Also, jokes about hipsters, weirdness and more grow stale after being told over and over again.

    Overall, I enjoyed it when it first started, but maybe it's time to let it go. Like one of their famous sketches suggests, it's over.