• Warning: Spoilers
    Watching this movie, and knowing that the critics have put it very well and very comical, I think I must have a very rare sense of humor. What has produced me the most is shame. Family is a very special issue, we agree. The fact that you want your daughter or any other member of the family to have more life, enjoy life and not devote so much to work, is very well and indeed we have seen in countless films. But to do as this father does, it seems a bit unpleasant to say it well.

    Is not it easier, to take advantage of the few free moments to prepare different things? I think that anyone who lives in such situations would be very angry. Work or working life is such a very important part of people's lives that it can occupy much more than a third of your life.

    The amount of trouble I could have gotten her daughter, I thought was too much. And seeing all the companions laughing at the father, I felt sorry for her.

    The film has become long, long. I could have put more sequences of more moments of the negotiation, the truth I do not know if they needed? See how the woman tells the father, who knew he was not the ambassador, unfortunate.

    The actors are very good, too bad that the wrong way.

    The photograph seems very ugly, there were moments that I thought to put on sunglasses.

    The address, I have already commented, simple and without direction, simple planes, and does not know that it is long.

    The case is that the movie I believe it, I think I'm watching a story, but I find everything so disgusting, it does not help me.


    See how the woman tells the father, who knew he was not the ambassador, unfortunate.

    That if I must say that the part of the final party, naked, is well thought out. The character of the woman is doing very well, not admitting that she has not had time to prepare and the excuse is nudity, but it would be as simple as asking for a minute, putting on a robe and then getting dressed, she is at home .