• Warning: Spoilers
    Wow! I can't think of anything good about this movie except the acting, seriously it was so boring, annoying and to be honest all over the place. It took the movie 1 hour and a half to introduce Toni Erdmann, like seriously? Nothing interesting happened in the first half (nor the last half). I honestly don't understand how it's even compared to "A Man Called Ove", "Land of Mine" or "The Salesman", they are so much better by far!! I, personally, don't think this movie even deserved a nomination. Maybe it's Germany's humor, but it never made me smile. I found the main characters so annoying and poorly constructed. Screenplay was all over the place; and the list of bad things could go on and on and on. Please, don't waste nearly 3 hours of your life, go watch the other nominees instead.

    PS. I can't believe Hollywood is thinking of a remake. I really hope they make a few (A LOT) of adjustments to the story, maybe Kristen Wiig can save it.