• The only way I watch T.V. shows nowadays is by recommendation. There are so many shows that I could be completely consumed by them all and I can guarantee that over half of them are not worth my time. I actually heard about Black Mirror from a sports radio host and thought, "that sounds interesting."

    I watched episode one of season three and was hooked. Just as a refresher: season three ep one was titled "Nosedive" starring Dallas Bryce Howard. It was about a world in which ratings are currency and clout. Every individual has a rating attached to him/herself that can be seen upon viewing the person's face. Using a five star rating scale, those with a higher rating have greater privileges whereas those with lower ratings are the scourge of the Earth. It was amazing to see what people would do just to get a five star rating (not too far from our current reality).

    I binged watched that entire season then watched all three seasons. Just about every episode was genuinely thought provoking. These shows are extremely well done and offer so much food for thought. Each episode is replete with quality writing, quality effects and filming and quality acting. Black Mirror is a Netflix gem. It is Twilight Zone if it were rated R.