• The acting, the dialogue and the overall quality of this series is garbage. This show makes me sad in so many ways. I had high hopes for this series when i started watching it, Vandal Savage: a 50 000 year old man who have lived side by side with humanity since the cave men. He slept next to a meteor one cold night to gain warmth and when he woke in the morning the meteor had cooled down and he was forever changed. Higher intellect and immortality was his gain. NO scratch all that, he is a 4000 year old Egyptian with hurt feewings because of the hawk lovers? What? Another thing is the overall intelligence of these characters, their thought process vary between genius and idiot. ''We need to kill this guy but its impossible, lets leave him dead here on the floor, get into our ship and try again in 10 years. I mean we cant just toss the guy into a volcano or something.'' It wreaks of feminism since the true warriors in this series are all women, there was a man but they decided to kill him off in the second episode. My main point of grievance is to the producers, script writers and directors: If you have bad actors, bad scripts and bad imagination, why make a series?