• I really looked forward to this film , the trailer was excellent and set up what looked like being a good drama . But honestly the fire exit sign was more exciting , I found myself constantly comparing it with what was on screen and trying to assure myself that the film was more watchable but it wasn't .

    This may work well on stage with a single set , but what on earth did they spend $24m on , yes there was an authentic looking late 1950s Pittsburg but one of the adjoining house to Rose's was brand new !

    Her Oscar was well deserved and there was some good acting by the supporting cast particularly his brother Gabe and young daughter . He was such a despicable character that took out his failure on his son that spoilt the enjoyment . It was the son's strength that brought some salvation.

    The film was an hour too long , far too much dialogue delivered at breakneck speed , it needed better adaptation to the screen and script editing and more than anything it shouldn't have even been released

    Give it a miss , save yourself 2.5 hours of looking at the inside of your eyelids !