• Warning: Spoilers
    We started this movie and thought maybe it was just a slow start, eventually, with the Horrible acting, costumes, makeup and dialogue, we questioned if maybe it was supposed to be a comedy and we were seriously missing something. Towards the end, we decided to research reviews and were shocked to see the relatively high rating on this site. Going on to read the other bad reviews made the rest of the movie rather bearable as we laughed at the other terrible experiences and comments posted here. This movie was actually painful and uncomfortable to watch. The disjointed plot and weird characters made it maybe the worst movie we have ever seen. It was almost worth watching to make you appreciate how good the acting, special effects and makeup are in even below average films. I think our neighbors and family could have thrown together a better movie than this - a waste of two hours. Please read the other bad reviews so you can at least get some enjoyment and humor as we did!