• Warning: Spoilers
    Going in expecting a risqué teen Sex Comedy,I was happily caught by surprise over how well Lemon Popsicle 2 (LP) mixed the raunchy skin flick with sweet teen Drama. Aware of the drastic change in direction of the 4th,I got set for the final "classic era" Popsicle.

    The plot:

    Each getting a steady girlfriend, Benzi finds himself at odds with friends Bobby and Huey,due to their girlfriends being keen to have sex with then,but his avoiding it in any way possible. Whilst accepting offers of sex from anybody who is up for it,Benzi goes to pick a cousin up from the airport,and is shocked to find her incredibly attractive.

    View on the film:

    Getting some major studio backing from MGM for the final LP he would direct,returning co-writer/(along with Ingo Hermes/Eli Tavor and Sam Waynberg) director Boaz Davidson & new cinematographer to the series Amnon Salomon push the playful Sex Comedy mood of the first two for a more rough, gross out edge. Closely following the path set from the script,Davidson offers tantalising shots of skin on show with cheeky side shots,which are sadly soured by a focus on gross set- pieces that ruins the relationships which have been built in LP.

    Keeping the flick in the same era as the others,the screenplay by Davidson/Tavor/ Waynberg and Hermes cut the characters with incredibly course dialogue which feels completely out of place with how the trio have been shown in LP. Along with the dialogue,the writers give the sex scene a rather nasty aggressive atmosphere,which leads to this Popsicle quickly melting.