• Warning: Spoilers
    "Frontier Agent" is another of the long running Johnny Mack Brown/Raymond Hatton dusters and one of the first in which Brown uses his full name for his character.

    Johnny is a trouble shooter for the Overland Telegrasph Company who we meet chasing down baddie Sullivan (Marshal Reed). Following Sullivan's capture, Johnny is ready for a long awaited vacation, but boss Dell Carson (Frank LaRue) has other ideas. It seems rancher Jim Kerrigan (Ted Adams)has convinced the company to allow him to complete the telegraph line into the town of Baxter Springs. But Kerrigan is wounded and hospitalized and Johnny is sent to clear things up.

    Land speculator Burton Whitlock (Kenneth MacDonald) will lose a bundle if the line goes through. He blackmails former rustler Larry Foster (Dennis Moore) into helping him disrupt things. Foster is engaged to Kerrigan's daughter Sandra (Reno Blair) while ranch hand Joe Farr (Riley Hill) pines for her. Old timer Cappy (Hatton) teams up with Johnny to expose the villains. They immediately suspect Foster but cannot prove anything.

    Johnny is framed for one of Foster's men's escape from prison but escapes from the custody of the Marshal (Wm. H. Ruhl) with the help of Joe and Cappy. Finally Foster is forced to reveal himself to Sandra. Johnny deals with Foster and the learns that Wheelock is behind all the trouble and...........................................

    In an unusual twist, we are treated to a fight between two of the secondary characters (Foster and Farr) although Johnny is forced to intervene. Johnny has a couple of go rounds the best of which is with Reed at the beginning of the film. Although he used stuntmen, Brown was still able to hold his own in the fight scenes. He was a also at home in the saddle as the many chase scenes in his films will attest.