• Warning: Spoilers
    This was an intense and disturbing family thriller, where Tony Leung Kai Fai plays a man drowning in gambling debt. This placed a huge strain on his relationship with his wife (Brigitte Lin) and, deciding to take the cowardly way out, he pushes his wife off a boat during a Thailand trip and, presuming she drowns, hopes to collect the life insurance money. However, the wife survives and returns to Hong Kong to exact revenge.

    The events in this film demonstrates that they could, in fact, take place in real life. This is what generates the fear and thrills while watching it. I remembered being disturbed after seeing Brigitte Lin's character slip off the boat and into the raging ocean waters, turning up later, bloodied and bruised on an island. Then, the tension mounts as she finds her way back in Hong Kong to find her husband.

    The acting was pretty average, but serves up well to the on screen tension and drama. The kid seems to be unnecessarily mixed up in all the chaos in the film. ***spoiler ahead*** The ending though was rather gory and overkill. ***spoiler ends***

    Grade B-