• Warning: Spoilers
    Deadset Joke of a FIlm -Discount Zac Efron -Token Asian / Black Guy - -Beastiality joke in the first scene ? Family Movie you say ?

    -The Screenplay is awful, the cringe is so bad -Camera Angles that don'tmake sense rushed and always shaky

    -Terrible CGI for 2017 -At least put some Nostalgia in to save the move, but no, it puts in the theme for 3 seconds while they run across a field in their zords - Blue Ranger dies from drowning when earlier in the movie he held his breath for 4 times as long in the underwater cave - Krispy Kreme is literally part of the plot, the scene where discount enchantress eats the donuts, hurt me inside -Discount High School Story, with cringey twilight level soundtrack and a girls backstory based on sending nudes ? Family Friendly ?

    -How Red Ranger spots his dad and then saves him while all the other civilians out there are getting roasted by molten gold, btw how are their no casualties at the end and they all just pop up CGI style and whip out there phones -Again antagonist was Enchantress 2.0 -Movie contained 5, 10+ minute montages and was basically in whole movie was basically in fastfoward except for camping scene which just the biggest plot device ever.

    If Hollywood pumps out a sequel to this movie, I will burn down Krispy Kreme, Duck this movie.