• Warning: Spoilers
    This reboot is by far one of the worst I have seen. I grew up in the 90s and my love for power Rangers was dear. If you are an original fan please DO NOT watch. The film was sexualized and at times a little disturbing. This remake is for a whole new generation. If this is what we are producing for the next generation then this is unsettling. The audience In the movie seemed to enjoy this movie but as an original fan I had to walk out half way. The actors performed more on a chessy, no acting skills level. The villain was a tormented individual with no talent. Zordon was completely different, more of an aggressive angry frustrated personality. That alone made me walk out, original Zordon was patient, wise, and kind. I believe we got 15 minutes of fighting if that in this 2 hour movie. Everything that was once positive about the series, was completely missing in the movie. Sad to say, the new Power Rangers movie was a disaster.