• Oh dear lord, this really was a waste of talent. I find that on the whole most martial arts experts can be quite wooden when it comes to acting, this is probably because the director is focusing on the fight sequences and not too overly bothered by the story or the acting skills of their cast. This movie has so much wood the DVD player got splinters and was crying out in pain to play me this film.

    The only good aspect of this film is Gary Daniels who actually proves his acting ability, which isn't too hard.

    The bad thing is I have great respect for, not only Gary Daniels, but the rest of the cast Dustin Nguyen, Scott Adkins, and Kane Kosugi. So to watch them in something this dire was sad.

    I'm going to rest the blame for this travesty on the writer and director Wych Kaosayananda, who's story is drawn out, boring, and depressing; filled with one-dimensional characters who nobody can relate to or empathise with. His direction is worse than his storytelling. There is one scene where he shoots upwards at three actors; this means you only see them from the groyne upwards. Eighty percent of the shot is sky and he even burns this. Had this been a blue sky with clouds, a fly-by by a plane or a group of birds might have made it artistic; however, it's lazy and badly planned.

    It's so bad they even tried a rebranding from Zero Tolerance to leech off the success of the Denzil Washington and Mark Wahlberg film 2 Guns, by adding it to the beginning of their title. But BEWARE this is NOT a sequel or prequel... it has nothing to do with 2 Guns whatsoever. Naughty Naughty!!!

    If you see this on telly or on a dirt cheap DVD don't be conned into watching it like I was - turn away and run. There's so much better out there to watch than this.