• Warning: Spoilers
    INTO THE GRIZZLY MAZE is an action horror movie with an A-list cast and B-movie feel. It's about a bunch of characters who end up in the woods with a rampaging grizzly bear hunting for them, and the entire plot consists of waiting to find out who lives and who dies as a result. The film seems to be a throwback to the exploitation pictures of old, like GRIZZLY, but it fails to entertain due to the fact that it simply isn't thrilling.

    Instead this film consists of clichéd characters and situations and over-obvious direction. Familiar stars show up and spout dialogue and either hunt or are hunted by the grizzly. James Marsden and Thomas Jane have both had successful careers but seem weak and insipid here, and Billy Bob Thornton's kooky character is underutilised in what amounts to little more than an extended cameo. Scott Glen has even less to do other than hang around looking haggard. The main recommendation is that the bear attack sequences are convincing, reliant on trick photography rather than the usual CGI creations or man-in-a-suit monstrosities.