• Warning: Spoilers
    TL;DR - Slow, boring, not entertaining, Fant4stic was better.

    I followed this movie around the time it was first announced and even partook in the boards and seeing all the news and leaks about the movie. I was not too fond of certain things about this movie especially certain casting as I felt it wouldn't fit. I honestly really wanted to enjoy this movie but when the trailer hit I had a bad feeling and should have stuck to it.

    My friend dragged me to go watch it with him and I hated almost every minute. After reading mixed reviews the ones that resonated with me are the ones that shared my same opinions.

    The movie lacked good comedy, needed to improve on action. It dragged and dragged with these poorly acted characters and mundane character development for our protagonists. The only fun character was Rita. Elizabeth Banks did a great job making that character hers and making her feel more menacing than she was in the show. I've only ever liked her in one other franchise and that was The Hunger Games so to be honest I am surprised I liked Rita as much.

    --- ***SPOILERS BELOW***---

    The movie started off good with the ending of a battle scene which introduced our antagonist and the seriousness of a threat our heroes will encounter down the road. Rita literally kills the previous Ranger team and is the ever so loved Green Ranger which was teased and theorized throughout set photo leaks. This scene and the final Battle where Rita gets B-chSlapped to the moon was the only entertaining thing in this whole movie. Everything in between was utterly boring. You will seriously have a more fun time watching the Ghostbusters Remake or the Fant4stic reboot.