• Warning: Spoilers
    I was never a huge fan of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers", but I went in, open to trying this film. I was sorely, sorely disappointed. I left this movie thinking, "This was a *bad* movie!" Now, there are movies out there, that are absolute garbage, the acting is bad, almost everything is bad. I admit, this is not the worst movie I've ever seen, however, there's a lot wrong with it!

    The Bad: There's crude humor, lame and dated jokes we've heard in hundreds of other movies, some bad language and dozens of tired movie clich├ęs. We've seen it all before is what I'm saying. There's is very little to be enjoyed in this movie. It's an origin story, that kind of lags a bit, and then the action is cranked up near the end, but it's not really that exciting. We've all seen the "misfits who learn to work together" story line, and that's all this is. I'm surprised that the creator of the original "Power Rangers" OK'd this version. It's pretty terrible for the most part.

    The Good: Bill Hader's character was amusing, Bryan Cranston brings some levity to this, and Elizabeth Banks does a great job of making you hate her character, which proves her acting is good. The main cast is a bit annoying, but they're OK at playing their stereotypes. Also, the score by Bryan Tyler was very good.

    So: This is a not a movie I would recommend. It may appeal to some teenagers, and it's not the worst thing they could be watching. Overall, it's just a bad film. Case closed.