• Warning: Spoilers
    This is one of Myrna Loy's better roles as a wife who listens to her mother-in-law and begins to suspect her husband- Clark Gable- is having an affair with his secretary-Jean Harlow. This story holds up pretty well for a film of this vintage.

    What is interesting is towards the end of the film both Loy and Harlow have some of the saddest frowns I have ever seen on actresses in a movie. I almost wonder if they had to suck on a lemon before doing these scenes as the pucker looks so sad. Still, Loy who would really take off in the Thin Man Series is a perfectionist in this one- making Gable redo a kissing scene several times to make sure they got it right.

    Harlow is great as the secretary who dating Jimmy Stewart in one of his earlier roles, and not a large part. At one point, Harlow gets mad at him and dumps him for pretty near half the film before getting back with him at the end. It is understandable how Loys character would suspect hankie and pansy with her husband's subordinate as Harlow looks pretty good.

    Still, all the trouble is caused by the Mother-in-law here. She plants the suspicious seed into Loy which eventually blooms into divorce proceedings. Then Harlow breaks her train of thought and forgives Stewart as well. This one is worth watching, as a talented cast brings off an old warhorse of a script quite well considering this type of jealousy plot was already over-done in 1936.

    They make the material seem fresher than it is.