• Warning: Spoilers
    oh my gosh where do i begin, oh hi! didn't see you there! this is my first review! let us see what i am reviewing! *looks at paper and burns it* NOPE NOPE NOPE I'M NOT DOING THIS *gets dragged back into studio* this is wolf children, just so you know there are spoilers so watch out the movie begins with someone talking about a dream or something, it then shows a school, a girl is having trouble with stuff or something (it has been a long time since i watched this) and sees a guy who it is obvious he gonna be a wolf or something and gonna marry her! after her chasing him they get married later and he can become a wolf (if this is like twilight although i haven't seen it get me out of here) they have 2 children then the dad dies (did Disney work on this?) and, wait, he was a wolf when he died and he was getting food, what was he gonna get her? you know what i don't want to know. after some troubles where she lives they move, one of the children wants to be a wolf and another accidentally cut someone's ear, after tons of boring stuff the children grow, they boy being a wolf to take the place of a dead fox, and the other grows up and probably gets married the mom lives on her own blah blah blah happy ending, this was just bad, i would watch Garfield's fun fest over this and that movie is terrible! in the end if you want to watch a movie about animals that is anime watch the cat returns, how do people like this and it got awards and stuff? i don't know to be honest.