• Happy Texas is one of the best movies I've ever seen. It has laughs, suspense, kindness and intelligence. The acting and inter-personal dynamics are excellent. Besides the stellar performances by everyone in the cast, I think special mention should go to Ally Walker as Josephine McClintock. The scene at her house, where she and Jeremy Northam's character are painting props, and all of the scenes between her and him, are extremely well-done. Harry Sawyer's reserved, rather civilized demeanor somehow works well with Wayne Wayne Jr.'s outspokenness and physical aggressiveness. The re-introduction of Bob Maslow was done at a perfect time, and that is an unexpected twist in the plot. I appreciated many things about the ending scene at the prison performance by the Happy Girls: Doreen and Wayne still wanted each other. Josephine and Harry still had a chance at a (delayed) reunion. Harry could be out in under two years. The girls' performance of What's So Great About Love (complete with the spastic moves Wayne taught them) was excellent. I love how the movie was filmed in big, bright colors with lots of outdoor scenes: None of the morose, ashen tones that are prevalent today. The soundtrack is great. Some of the best scenes are between Northam and Walker:

    Jo: "I haven't had a girlfriend in a really long time..."

    Harry: "Neither have I." (him having been in prison)

    Jo: "That's funny." (thinking he is referring to his gayness).


    Jo (yelling from tow truck): "What are you doing?"

    Harry: "I'm trying to save you!"

    Jo: Well stop! I'm trying to save you! If i don't kill you, first...

    Steve Zahn should have won an Oscar for his performance.

    "Remember to keep the beat!"

    I have watched Happy, Texas many times and it always "brings em' back alive".