• Warning: Spoilers
    ***SPOILERS*** Overly boring made for TV movie that tries to mix the supernatural in with a 30 year old double murder and falls flat in its face doing it. It's when Samantha Davis, Lauren Lee Smith, learns that he late grandma left her a house in the country where her and her husband Mike, David Sutcliffe, can have some peace and quite as she's expecting their first child that the horrors of her past, before she was even born, comes into play. As we and Samantha soon learn, by her checking old local newspaper microfilm, that both her parents didn't die in a house fire as she was always told but were brutally murdered.

    As things soon transpire Samantha starts to hear noises and see things like from a creaky old record player as well as a movie playing by itself on a broken down 30 year old projector that tells her that she's to suffer the same fate that her mom did if she goes through with her pregnancy. There's also something very creepy about the overly friendly town Sheriff Emmitt, Brian Marldnson, who's interest in Samantha's safety seems a bit strange. That when he's always showing up at her house unexpected just to get a good look, especially when she's taking a shower, at her.

    ***SPOILERS*** The truth about Samantha and her parents is told in a number of confusing flashbacks where she's in what looks like a dream state and finds out that her mom, almost bleeding to death from a gunshot wound, gave birth to her just moments after she passed away. The person behind all this bloodshed, in the past as well as the present, soon pops up as he goes on a murder rampage in trying to kill Samantha and Mike and everyone else who found out about his true identity. Off the wall ending with Samantha, who never fired a gun in her life, shooting it out "High Noon" style with the crazed killer who despite being a crack shot can't seem to get her in his cross hairs. As for Samantha it's her mom coming back from the dead, with a fresh bullet hole between her eyes, who distracts the killer just long enough for Samantha to gun him down. We get no explication to Samantha suddenly developing psychic powers and even she doesn't quite understand how she developed them? And as for the mysterious film projector and record player they, if they ever existed, are never seen or heard from again.