• Warning: Spoilers
    Quick note: i have nothing against peta, they want to protect animals and i'm OK with that *falls through roof* SERIOUSLY!? guess i'm gonna have an entrance gag, *sigh* oh hey! it's me! and today i'm looking at *drumroll* jungle safari, turns out a guy who inspired me to write reviews posted a review on this, if you thought Sam, you were correct, now let us see, jungle safari, still better then wolf children am i right? Oh! i forgot, i'm watching wolf children again to see if i was wrong, anyway the movie starts with a lion cub talking about something, but since i have no heart i didn't cry at all, even at the death, seriously i don't think i ever cried at a death in a movie, turns out he fought his father, then a song then the father dies, they go to Delhi to get them to stop, they also kidnap a parrot (WITH TEETH) to talk to the humans, after a long crazy trip, a crazy violent bonkers monkey almost kills the parrot and later becomes friends with it, they stop the forest from being destroyed, a park is made from their forest, and it is over, before you ask, why haven't i made a review for some time? i had to have an operation and i didn't feel like it, i also hadn't seen any movies lately so yeah, this movie stole some stuff from other movies such as the dad coming back as a ghost! (lion king?) and yeah, since the dad came back as a ghost here is my ending expansion, the lion or whatever it is gets sent back in time has a child then lion king happens! i'm sorry i'm just done. goodbye!