• With Sarno associate Gino Colbert a recognizable cast member, "Tongue Dancing" is a typically ephemeral Gay porn video from the '80s inexplicably reissued in the DVD era. I got a freebie copy as ballast included in a DVD shipment and after watching wonder why anyone bothered to resuscitate the non-starter.

    Blessedly short, it is sex filler built around a cheapo "production number" set piece in which eight guys dance around on a spare set almost as if auditioning for some cockamamie reboot of the Village People. The title is supposedly some sort of vernacular or wink-wink advertisement for rimming/anilingus, but content is strictly mechanical boy/boy sex action.

    Safe-sex condoms are in evidence, except for a final scene performed bareback. As with millions of other wall-to-wall sex videos, content is purely generic and of little note. Credits bill it as a "Bruce A. Savage film" (sic), but he gets no other credit, the director listed as Ernest Key.