• Warning: Spoilers
    As the reviews on this website indicate, this movie is either highly recommended by some or passionately rejected by others. It almost seems as if the reviews for two different movies are mistakenly published together, and obviously I saw the film for the latter reviews. The tempo and length of this film are just totally unacceptable. To hold the attention of an audience for 100 to 120 minutes requires a much better script, a far deeper analysis of the central theme that the movie tries to address, and certainly if it is to be labeled a "comedy", it requires some real "humor". This film was tedious, lengthy, shallow in the analysis of the main theme (family relations in a competitive globalized world economy), and totally unconvincing in reflecting the reasonable behavior context of relations between a farther and daughter. The "in company" business discussions were just "gibberish", and perhaps the only theme that could have saved the film (the only reason why I stayed longer than 45 minutes in the theater) was the opportunity to analyze the "cultural" and "psychological" adaptation of the "deprived citizens" of a former communist system to the materialistic attitudes of citizens from a capitalist system. Unfortunately, this opportunity was missed by the Director of the film.

    Missing out on this film is highly recommended.