• Warning: Spoilers
    Before reading there may be small spoiler ...

    I was a fan of the series for years, and I still find the best the first generation, for this movie I was very anxious, and now that I saw it, I can say that I do not exceed my expectations, the action scenes a bit slow, very Melosa the movie at times, and frankly hoped a bit more cliché, but in short you have to talk about the good thing now, the soundtrack pretty good, in fact the listen although for a few seconds that classic electric guitar of the 90 I get excited , Effects and designs of suits and zord very good except for the megazord, and it is necessary to emphasize something, that is the suspense, they play with the fan that knows by memory that will happen but they play with it when, despite everything a promising start I hope there is A sequel since there were things pending, here is a diamond in the rough, maybe with a better creative team can get a good saga, maybe it will not be at the level of matrix, godfather, Lord of the rings, but if you can Be better than the saga of Transformers and harry potter.

    traslated from Spanish with google