• Warning: Spoilers
    I went into this movie with zero expectations. I only watched Power Rangers a little bit when was younger and was never really into it, but, I got to say I was pleasantly surprised with this movie. I loved it, I think everyone involved did a very good job. There was a good mix of comedy, action, drama and even some sentimental moments.

    The actors all fit into their roles very well and some of them even surprised me. The cast had some well known actors/actresses such as Elizabeth Banks, Bill Vader and Bryan Cranston who all did very well in their roles. There was also a very good mix of new faces mixed in with Dacre Montgomery (who will be starring in season 2 of Stranger Things later this year.) Ludi Lin who was a very pleasant surprise. I have never heard of him before going to see this movie and now he is someone I am going to look out for in the future. Like probably most of you I have only heard some of Becky G's music but have never really given Her a second thought. When I heard she was going to be a main character in this movie I was a bit hesitant about it. I have never been happier to be proved wrong.She played the role of Trini perfectly and made her character someone that, I think, a lot of people can relate to. Naomi Scott as Kimberly was perfect casting. I loved her in Lemonade Mouth when I was younger so I was excited when I heard that she was cast in Power Rangers. She played the role of Kimberly very well and I definitely will be looking for her more in the future. Everyone did very well in their roles but to me, and I'm sure a lot of you, RJ Cyler stole the show. His portrayal of Billy was perfect. Billy was a very important character being the first superhero to be on the autism spectrum and RJ Cyler absolutely nailed it.

    Something that I personally am not a fan of in movies is a lot of CGI but, I got to say this movie pulled it off. It wasn't cheesy and went with the movie very well. I also have to mention the soundtrack in the film. every song fit the moment perfectly and added that extra bit to the movie.

    This movie was about all the characters becoming the Power Rangers and evolving. It takes a long time before they actually become the Power Rangers. The reason for doing this is to show how all of the characters develop throughout the movie which I think was a very dog move. Every character develops really well personally as well as a group. I really hope there is a sequel as the end set it up perfectly. At the end of this movie it shows the teacher at detention introduce a new character, Tommy. Introducing this character would be a good fit for the next movie (if there is one.) If they do decide to do another movie we will be able to see the rangers more experienced and, if they do decide to make Tommy a ranger, we can see how they adjust to the new addition.