• It was deleted.

    Staff, please check before you delete, that it does not violate guidelines, and in fact, the reviews that should be deleted are all the fake ones which probably have the same originating address.

    In any case, let me put this debate to rest right now. I'd never seen a film with such polarizing reviews, and neither side quite convinced me. After all, the positive reviews did in fact seem a little too similar in their wording and enthusiasm, and the negative reviews were somewhat harsh. No movie could be that bad, could it? As such, I decided to get to the bottom of this. I looked for clips of The Hollow on You know where and found them plus more.

    Without further ado, the bad reviews are correct.

    I clicked randomly at first, and every scene I stopped on, topped the last scene for laughably bad. I then went through it again (scanned it, as I couldn't bring myself to watch all of it), in an attempt to find one, just one scene that was good. No such scene exists.

    Hopefully this puts the matter to rest, not in that you need to take my word for it, but that you can go catch it yourself.

    Miles Doleac is not a good director, writer or actor. In fact, he's a quack and a hack who needs fake reviews to try and convince people his film are any good. The blatant attempts at rigging and manipulating ratings should be exposed. It is my sincere hope that if this director tries it again on anything else he is involved in, people will have a heads up and not fall for it as some did with this garbage.