• Warning: Spoilers
    Copyright 1955 by 20th Century-Fox Film Corp. New York opening at the Roxy: 23 November 1955. U.S. release: November 1955. U.K. release: 25 June 1956. Australian release: 12 April 1956. Sydney opening at the Regent. 9,644 feet. 107 minutes.

    SYNOPSIS: The story takes place in a small New England town where a generation of its people has been exposed to the same teacher, Miss Dove (Jennifer Jones). This morning on her walk to the schoolhouse as she had done every day for 35 years Miss Dove passes the house of Dr. Thomas Baker (Robert Stack) and his lovely, but pregnant, wife Jincey (Kipp Hamilton). As she walks down the street Mr. Porter ( Robert Douglas ), the banker, Rev. Alexander Burnham (Biff Elliott) and all the townspeople set their watches by the punctual Miss Dove. In the geography room she collapses with a spinal attack and while she is waiting for help her memory goes back to the day she was 19 and learned that her father had "borrowed" $10,000 from the bank he headed as president. It was then she decided to turn her back on romance and dedicate her life to teaching and paying back the money.

    NOTES: Fox's 44th CinemaScope release was only moderately successful in the U.S.A. and did virtually no business at all in England. In Australia, on the other hand, the picture was a smash hit.

    COMMENT: Not my cup of tea. A female version of "Goodbye, Mr. Chips", acted with such all stops out sentimentality by Jennifer Jones that some members of the cast (notably and most disappointingly Robert Douglas) don't even bother to compete. Worse still, it's all directed in a studiously dull fashion by Henry Koster. In my view, this movie is strictly suitable for Jennifer Jones fans only.