• Warning: Spoilers

    The movie definitely surpassed my expectations. When the trailer was first released, I thought about going to see it but was not truly interested. When it was released to the public, I bought it and was surprised to like it as much as I did. Though it won't be up for any awards, it was enjoyable and fun to watch.

    If you want to see it because you were a fan of the old television show, be prepared for disappointment. This movie was not made to appeal to the previous generations. It has elements of nostalgia, but if you go into it expecting what you watched as a kid, you will not like this movie.

    KEEP IN MIND PEOPLE that this movie is PG-13, so if you have KIDS, you might want to look out for cussing, sexual innuendos, rebellious behavior, and scenes that IMPLY things of a sexual nature. It's a film about teenagers, so what more could be expected? Tapping into the teenage world, it was refreshing to see teenage drama play out in a way that is true to the real world.

    And the characters are truly everything people have been asking for and a major step in the right direction for the film industry. You have black, white, Asian, Indian, and Latino characters all sharing lead roles with one being apart of the LGBTQ+ community and another with Autism. And both aren't shoved into the background at any point. There is even dialogue in the movie referencing their different colored Power Ranger suits and their different ethnicities: "Five kids, five colors, five different colored kids!"

    Problems I had with the film include CGI not being the best at times and the characters taking quite a while to mesh together and become a team. You also don't get to see them in their armor until the ending of the movie, which I can understand they tried to build up for suspense but didn't work the way the crew wanted it to. The movie wasn't as action packed as you expect a superhero movie to be. While I liked the fact they incorporated the ranger colors into the costume design, it seemed to me like they tried to overcompensate for the bland armor of the TV show by creating something shiny and new, but that just fell flat in my opinion. They just looked awkward to me in the scenes where they finally had morphed.


    Despite some points, this movie is overall a great watch. The ending does hold a cliffhanger with the role of the green ranger in the next film, but with how this film did in theaters, I would say do not watch after the credits unless you want to be taunted with the idea of a movie that may not be created. Holding out for a sequel.