• I loved the first Broly film. To have another Saiyan with so much power and the twist of insanity due to this power was great. The second film that followed was a massive contrast, since it had a more comedic tone with the involvement of Goten and kid Trunks. Many felt it didn't do the power of Broly justice, but I thought it was great fun to see such a villain be brought down by opponents who made you laugh along the way. Since the third instalment would also involve the same protagonists with the addition of Hercule and Android 18, I was expecting something similar.

    Having Broly come back as a mishmash between a Saiyan and robot was a good idea. Not exactly novel, but it was different from the concept of Androids, which I thought was somewhat original. Regardless, when Broly rose again, we were greeted with the same angry Saiyan, albeit with a different face. The fight scenes that ensued were unlike any other I had come to expect from Dragon Ball. Sure, there were Ki-blasts and explosions, but it seemed very contained within the environment it was set in. It also felt a bit less 'epic' than the other fights we had seen with Broly. Perhaps it may just be that the bio-form of Broly was weaker, I don't know. I still enjoyed it for its different format, but I would have appreciated something a bit bigger given Broly's power.

    I feel this movie has been underrated as a Dragon Ball movie. Just because it did not follow the typical formulation of the series, it doesn't make it bad. I enjoyed the different setup and fight scenes. The only reason why I deducted a few points was because this movie had a bit more potential that I felt it did not tap into.