• Warning: Spoilers
    My review is going to be short. To those who always expect to see the masterpiece in every movie - please, don't. Or at least don't come here and bash with bad reviews. I understand the personal opinion, but common. This is for kids and teenagers. It promotes good virtues and friendship. It has a old-timer story with Rita and good fighting the evil with some cool Zorgs. :) It really took me back to childhood, and that cannot be a bad thing. The old Kim and Tommy at the end got me even a bit emotional. :D Just kidding, I am really not a critic and it takes for a movie to be a really big piece of s*** for me not to like it. So, maybe, my review is not going to help those who haven't seen the movie. For me, it is good. If you want to lose yourself in an imaginary world for a couple of hours, go ahead. :)