• I have to start out by saying I am a HUGE fan of the original Prime Suspect. I never could understand the British disdain for intelligent Police personal, the best and brightest always seem to get treated with contempt. My biggest problem with the original Prime Suspect is there wasn't enough of it, only a few hours a year.

    I am happy to say they at least gave us a full British season which is less than half of an American season. I'm happy they developed this show, there aren't really any surprises Jane talked about her past quite often but it's a pleasure to see it all unfold as it happened. I quite enjoy seeing the fashions of the 70s again and the music is great except too often they play the music way too loud like they think we're so stupid we won't get it unless the music is blaring. I hope they correct that for the second season. I hope there is a second season.

    It's a cop show set in the 70s when things were quite different. I'm not sure how it was in the UK but I know in the U.S. female officers were something new and they weren't always made to feel welcome. It is interesting to get a look at what the UK was like at that point in time although I'm sure it's not 100% realistic. The show has great writers, the cast is really good and I thoroughly enjoyed watching this series unfold. I would highly recommend watching it.