• Shot on film is the only virtue of this ephemeral porn feature made to capitalize on the marquee name of John Holmes, who just five years later was dead. I wrote his obituary for Variety newspaper, consulting the usual suspects (Gloria Leonard, PT, Ron Jeremy, etc.) for background, but never met the man.

    With no director credit, the barely hour-long feature is a mediocre example of Lifestyle Porn, showing various hedonists in California living it up, with the slimmest of plot lines added, as in 1983 the all- sex feature had not yet gained dominance. So we have Holmes' Jeep vehicle stolen by a couple of thrill-seeking femmes (Maria Tortuga and an actress who goes uncredited for no good reason and for whom no expert IMDb-er has taken the trouble to identify by sight).

    The gals service in a threesome Marc Wallice whose bike is on the blink, and he gets credited as Marc Golberg early in his career (I knew he was circumcised but didn't know the creep was Jewish).

    Their next victim is an out-of-gas limo driver Gary Anderson (an actor I'm unfamiliar with) who turns the tables on them by humping the gals and then making off with their Jeep. Apparently he stole the limo, as that's the last we hear of the car, just another dangling plot thread.

    Unbelievably he drives the Jeep back to Holmes and it turns out they're pals. They head with John's girlfriend Pat Manning over to a pool party, which through the magic of poor editing we've already seen in progress with lovely Jennifer West humping Misty Dawn poolside.

    In real-life Misty was to marry Holmes, and in this film plays his wife. But semblance of story/characterization is barely evident, as the pool party attended by both his wife and mistress instantly turns into an orgy and wifey doesn't care at all. Holmes humps Manning for a second time and the entire farrago ends with a wimpy freeze frame as all five revellers whoop it up in the pool after the money shots have transpired. Evidently to wash off the spunk.