• Warning: Spoilers
    Anime fans will know of the 'Death Note' a book were those whose names are written in it die but this series features another book; the 'Kiss Note'. This works such that if two names are written together in it those two people will fall in love if they kiss. The note belongs to Guri, a cupid, whose job is to bring couples together. She writes the name of Aino Seiji in the book and tells him that if he doesn't kiss somebody in the next twenty four hours she will die and he will remain a virgin for life! He kisses Hiyama Akane and it turns out she already had feelings for him… now she is madly in love. Madly like a classic yandere character who physically attacks Seiji if he gets close to any other girl; luckily events have made him and some of those around him immortal. Guri also develops feelings for him. Over the following episodes Seiji develops a harem but seems to want an ordinary life.

    This was a fun enough series with plenty of laughs to be had during each episode even if probably one of those shows that will ultimately be forgotten amongst all the other comical harem shows. If you enjoy this sort of series it delivers what is expected; there is the almost obligatory beach episode and a decent mix of characters. Seiji is an entertaining enough protagonist although, as in most such shows, it is the girls who provide the real entertainment. Guri is entertaining in a mischievous way but it is Akane who is most entertaining; it makes a nice change to have the protagonist involved with a full on yandere character rather than the usual tsundere. The plot develops well as the story progresses so avoids the repetition I'd expected; towards the end there are some mildly tense moments before everything is resolved. Overall not a must see show but it is fun enough to be worth watching.

    These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles.