• "El ministerio del tiempo" (The ministry of time) is about the highest (an only) secret in the Spanish government: a ministry located in an old abbey in Madrid which has many doors underground. The doors take people to different times over the whole history of the country, and always within Spanish boundaries (either the peninsula, or back a couple of centuries ago, to the Spanish colonies). The workers of the ministry has to ensure that the Spanish history doesn't change. The plot is breathtaking and highly addictive. Each episode deals with a particular event in the Spanish history or literature. The director and screen-players are advised by historians in all episodes. The history events and characters are very accurate, except in those few episodes where they treat a topic which there is not complete historical records, as "El lazarillo de Tormes", written by an anonymous writer, or the Siege of Baler. There are always on stage several characters from different moments of the Spanish history. The screen-players have respected the way of talking, and adapt it to reflect the period they belong to, with little modifications to adapt it to modern Spanish. I can't wait to see the next season.