• The roller derby, a sport that is brutal as it can be. Two opposing teams go around the track to score points and to prevent the opposition to score. In "Unholy Rollers", just to say the game will never be same when Karen Walker (Claudia Jennings) joins the Avengers. Karen Walker(Jennings) was working at a cannery, and is very unhappy there. Feisty and independent, and hard to be around with. When she joined the group, she proved her mettle in the roller derby, however, her feisty personality made her everything but a team player. She rose to the top, with ease. When the team grew jealous of her, they give her a lot of grief. At the bar they hang out, they would put her on the pool table, and strip her naked. After that, the person who has accosted her decided to join the opposing team which results being put in the hospital by Karen. She received a award. But the whole team to anger her further. Karen issues are the ticket to her downfall in the roller derby world. I think no roller derby would hire her again. Martin Scorsese did some justice with this film. Claudia Jennings did a great job putting sex appeal in the film. A lot of attitude, a lot of grit, and a lot of action. It's all right when you want to be on top. But it's important that you be humble and not arrogant. Because arrogance it the ticket to your downfall. 3 out of 5 stars.