• Warning: Spoilers
    Very disappointing because of:

    *The worst voice quality of the recently watched films - terrible *Bad start ever, asphalt road, clear walls etc!!! *Too sterile pictures, sights - every body who starts a research will see on the old 1940s photos of Dunkirk that roads , buildings and coasts were full of mess, debris etc. *The casts have no faces, names like zombies - only a died boy's name - George- remained in my mind. There is no really main character(s) *Very poor views of the dogfights *Poor picture quality -grain noisy and sometimes the objects is out of focus- and camera movements compared example to the War for the Planet of the Apes - over all the best quality every levels, sound, voice, picture quality, camera movements actors performances etc.- and compared to other IMAX movies *I gave only 1 point because of these reasons, the huge budget and the very professional A list directors, crews and actors. The bottom of the B category for ~150 mil.

    Finally I was a big Nolan fan but now I am very disappointed and a bit up set in turn I'm and my family big fan of the cinemas especially ODEON ISENSE with Dolby Atmos. Usually I didn't do reviews I'm sick of this terrible movies.