• Warning: Spoilers
    Yes, awful. How can anyone honestly give this film a positive recommendation? It is so amateurish. Whoever wrote the screenplay forgot the story. What story is it! It's not about Dunkirk, the famous WWII evacuation of British troops from France. What about the French troops? The British commander says to hell with them. Two cowards are the focus of the story. They will do anything to get out ahead of everyone else who are patiently waiting, keeping order, and waiting their turn. One other is picked up by a civilian boat on its way to rescue troops at Dunkirk, and he fights the crew to not go back. He kills one of them. Great story? I figure they used 5 planes to make the entire film: three RAF fighters, one German fighter, and one German bomber, all classic planes. Why I say this is b/c they only show three RAF fighters in one scene, and then it's always a one-on-one with all the other scenes. The special effects are from the 1950's. I think they did a better job in Wings, 1927. Also, it's hard to figure out what they are saying. I missed half the dialogue, but I didn't miss much b/c it's so worthless a film. It's aimless, boring, pathetic, and cheap. There is nothing epic about this film. It's a sad joke. What a waste of my money. It's one of the most over-rated films of all time.