• Maybe it is the whole society, but what is the thing with the humanities seeing disaster in every advancement? Just because it might sell better is not an argument, as variety also sells. Is it because the ones who end up in humanities, as opposed to sciences are not only usually less intelligent, but also start up in fields that pay far worse. So anything that reinforces their obsolescence in the work market only reinforces the Christian mythology about the end of days.

    The series is unpleasant in taking the ugly side of tech, in an unimaginative context. Take the first episode. People can see in a virtual reality hints from their smart phones. Yet they still need a big screen just like the young screen writer envied the people having big screen macs back in the day. The technology seemingly surpassed the need for a screen - see the brother emerged in virtual reality - yet the writer can't possibly understand that. Or when Tesla cars can drive themselves, in this alternative near future the Taxi is a Taxi and not some sort of Uber and has a driver too! So much for visionary.

    Yes, the phones should have been different, but the catalyst of the unimaginative writer incapable to get a science diploma is precisely his fear of a smart phone like the iPhone. And the fear is palpable, after all the screen writer probably has a hard time understanding that the Russian girl who keeps writing is a scam as the Nigerian prince. And jumping from email to enhanced reality is quite a jump for a frail mind.

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