• Warning: Spoilers
    "Sidekick" is a 15-minute live action short film from last year (2016) and this one is among the rare directing efforts by Jeff Cassidy, also the writer here, who is highly prolific working in the camera department though. The actors are all known, have appeared on several successful television shows, even the young ones. I already wrote in the title of my review who can check out this little movie we have here, namely people with questionable taste, people who like projects that include one superhero after the next while completely forgetting to build a realistic or convincing story around these over-the-top characters, the easily entertained who prefer quantity over quality. And still they are trying to make an emotional statement and touch the audience in the light of their shoddy character and story writing. Anybody with good taste in movies will see through this superficial approach immediately, designed as a bedtime story here. I wouldn't even say the acting was bad. They did what they could given the material they had to work with. But in the end nothing here stays memorable for positive reasons at all except the visual effects perhaps. You don't want to be among the simple people who enjoy this kind of entertainment. Better skip this one.