• Former foster kid Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany) is desperate to get back her daughter Kira who is living with her foster mom Siobhan Sadler (Maria Doyle Kennedy). Sarah is trying to sell drugs through her foster brother and trusted confident Felix Dawkins (Jordan Gavaris). At a train station, she spots a doppelganger who walks directly into an oncoming train. She steals the dead woman's purse and decides to switch places to escape from possessive drug dealer boyfriend Vic. It turns out that the doppelganger is police detective Elizabeth Childs and she was investigating other doppelgangers. Detective Art Bell is Elizabeth's partner. Initial assumptions about unknown biological twins are thrown out the window. Donnie Hendrix is the husband of the soccer mom doppelganger Alison.

    Tatiana Maslany shows her wide acting range by playing over a dozen different characters with compelling personalities. It is amazing that she is able to keep each character separate. The series starts with quite a bang. It is very compelling at times but it does struggle with a flowing narrative. The plot does get a bit convoluted at times. The funniest couple is Donnie and Alison. This is a great showcase for Tatiana although she has yet to break into the A list. I wish that she got the Star Wars job. Felicity Jones is a nice actress with a known name but Tatiana is superior doing the darker material.