• Warning: Spoilers
    Been traveling and away but just managed to catch it on its last week here. I made it, so exited when me and my son sat down...... then. Major disappointment.

    How is it possible that it has been graded so high? So many mistakes that even my 14 year old son could find, History and Pilot nonsense etc.

    The good, in short. Actors did a good job, but that is about it.

    Then. Dunkirk was a major milestone during the second world war. The scale of it could not be seen in the movie. The soundtrack destroyed much of the overall feel and was annoying after awhile. Allot of noise to summarize it. The plot and suspense when soldiers were trapped in the fishing boat was ridiculous. I mean the boat was too heavy and one guy need to leave to make it float free, all while the boat was filled with more than 2 tons of water, really? And water kept coming in through bullet holes close to the water line but still with pressure that you could believe it was a submarine 20 meters below the surface. Then soldiers still manage to drown in the fishing boat. Allot of nonsense trying to get some nerve into the movie. This do not even belong in a B-movie, period. Then you have a pilot that can fly forever without the engine, even engage in enemy dogfight that he wins. He then do a flyby over the rescue flotilla (that could pick him up after ditching) but he choose to land on the beach to be captured by the Germans, what?

    The pilot stand next to his plane and Giant gantry cranes are visible in the background. No such cranes existed in the 40s. For a time i wonder if there were a twist there in the end, moving in time or so, but no, the cranes kept showing in the background and Germans show up. By then i was hoping to move in time, about two hours back or so. Why i kept asking me, make such a bad movie on such a piece of history?