• Though Stills by Alan automatically gets a still photography credit here, he is absent from the director's chair, leaving his partner in porn Ms. Bree Mills to flounder with the B team of cameramen to hold the fort. Result: NSG.

    This is a compilation of two 2-part stories, neither one great shakes, and stuck with a tiny cast (4 ladies in total) all of whom are no names. Title show is a boring case of sibling rivalry, or to follow Bree's ridiculous dictum, step-sibling rivalry.

    Mom is NonSex guest star Jelena Jensen, recognizable instantly to me but uncredited by Bree & co. She tries to ride herd over her pesky kids, but they are constantly fighting. It takes two episodes to calm them down, by anger instantly turning into horny incestuous sex, not once but twice.

    That gimmick as executed by little Alice March and Kimmy Gardner, cast as usual by Mills for some physical resemblance to whet the incestuous appetite of the viewer, is better than the other half of the 2-hour show.

    Jojo Kiss and the unimpressive jail-bait actress Iris Rose team up in "Young Love", true to the concept of a porn label named Web Young, but dull. Kiss comforts Rose who's despondent since her mom won't accept her as a budding lesbian, and once again we're treated to two doses of the same scene, basically. Bree sure saved a buck on this low-rent production.

    Dumb synopsis on the DVD back liner ends by calling it "a Girlsway film", but it was released by their budget label Web Young instead.